EXS24 Instruments

EXS24 sampler instruments

Here are some EXS24 instruments that I created. They use round robin or alternate samples to sound as natural as possible.

If you don’t have Logic Pro X or MainStage, the download zip files also include WAV or AIFF files which can be loaded into any sampler.

They were put together in Logic Pro X. They have not been tested in earlier versions of Logic or MainStage, but should mostly work, except for exclusive group functionality.

I will be uploading more instruments here over time – so check back often!

Terms of use

You are free to use these samples in any piece of music you create, commercial or otherwise, without charge and without crediting me. (However, if you create something cool, I’d love to hear it).

However, do not redistribute these samples yourself – link people to this page instead. Also do not distribute virtual instruments or sample sets which are derived from, or include, these samples, in any way.

How to install

The installation locations depend on what version of Logic you’re using, and where you keep most of your EXS24 samples.

With Logic Pro X you want to extract the contents of the zip files to:

/Users/[YOUR OSX USERNAME]/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments/

When you first use the patches in EXS24, it may complain about multiple matches for _SILENCE.wav – don’t worry about this, just pick the first one from the list.

If you edit a MIDI region in the piano roll on a track where one of these instruments is loaded into EXS24, you can zoom in vertically to see a description of each sound next to its key.

Drum and percussion collection

This is a collection of acoustic drum and percussion multi-samples.

  • All of the sounds have 5x round robin (5 alternate samples per velocity layer).
  • Some of the sounds have multiple velocity layers, and some don’t.
  • The samples are mostly dry and unprocessed. Check out some of my posts on drum sample processing for ideas on how to integrate them into a mix.
  • Drum kit sounds include several hi hats with lots of different hit types, several crashes, several ride cymbals with lots of different hit types, one set of toms with different tunings and hit types, one snare drum with different tunings and hit types, and one kick drum.
  • Percussion sounds include real hand claps, two cowbells, agogo bells, pots and pans, many hand drums including bongos and a darbuka, shakers, tambourines, compressed air, claves, fiber drums, jingle bells, a scraper, and a triangle.

DOWNLOAD DrumsAndPercussion.zip – 204.3 MB

LISTEN to demos of the drum and percussion collection

6 string bass guitar

This is a 6 string, 24 fret bass guitar.

  • Each note has been sampled individually (there is no re-sampling) with 5x round robin / alternate samples.
  • There are no velocity layers.
  • There is no sample looping. Each sample is approximately 8 seconds long.

DOWNLOAD StudioBass.zip – 128.4 MB

Listen to a demo of StudioBass.exs: