Quantity Name Type Description
1 Neumann U87 Ai Multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser Great microphone for vocals and instruments. Transformer-coupled output.
1 Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47 Cardioid large diaphragm condenser American-made microphone with an RK-47 capsule, which is a replica of the capsule found in a U47. The microphone circuit is transformer-less, with very high sensitivity and low noise. For vocals and instruments.
1 Shure SM81 Cardioid small diaphragm condenser Great microphone for hi hats and acoustic guitar, but works well on anything. Extremely smooth reproduction of high frequencies. Transformer-coupled output.
2 (matched) sE Electronics 4400a ii Multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser Very “neutral” microphone with low noise and clean output. Works well on absolutely anything. These are my go-to microphones and often beat out much more expensive alternatives.
4 Beyerdynamic M 201 TG Hyper-cardioid dynamic Great dynamic mics, good on drums and percussion.
2 Shure SM57 Cardioid dynamic Industry standard instrument microphone that can also work well on vocals.
1 Shure SM58 Cardioid dynamic Industry standard vocal microphone that can also work well on instruments.
1 Shure Beta 52A Cardioid dynamic Great kick drum microphone.


  • 2x Triton Audio FETHead preamps for using dynamic mics on quiet sources
  • Pop filters
  • Eight round-base microphone stands (four short, four tall)


  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB audio interface, with 8 clean mic preamp inputs, 8 line outputs, and two separate headphone outputs
  • 2x Golden Age Project Pre 73 MKII microphone and instrument preamps (Same circuit as a Neve 1073)
  • FMR RNC compressor
  • FMR PBC-6A compressor
  • 2x DBX 160A compressor
  • SansAmp guitar amp emulation pedal (analogue)

Acoustic instruments

  • Yamaha YUS1 upright piano
  • 6 string Yamaha fretted bass guitar, 5 string Yamaha fretless bass guitar, and 4 string Squier fretless jazz bass guitar
  • Roland Cube 20XL bass amp
  • Yamaha Maple Custom drums (20″ bass drum, 14″ floor tom, 12″ rack tom, 10″ rack tom, 8″ rack tom)
  • Selection of great snare drums
  • Selection of various high-end cymbals (Zildjian, Sabian, Istanbul)
  • All drum hardware including double kick drum pedal
  • Selection of small percussion including agogo bells, hand drums, tambourines, triangle, shakers, scraper, claves, jingle bells etc

Electronic instruments

  • Yamaha MM6 workstation with selection of built-in Motif sounds (also can be used as MIDI controller)
  • M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI keyboard controller with semi-weighted keys
  • Arturia MiniBrute analogue monophonic synthesizer
  • Yamaha ReFace CS digital synthesizer with mini-keys

Virtual sampled instruments

I have a selection of some of the best realistic sampled virtual instruments, including:

  • NI Kontakt factory library
  • NI DrumLab, Session Drummer, and AR 60s Drummer
  • NI Retro Machines Mk2, Session Strings Pro, Session Horns Pro, and West Africa
  • NI Scarbee MM-Bass, Vintage Organs, and Vintage Keys
  • NI Pianos: The Giant, Alicia’s Keys, and The Maverick
  • XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2
  • ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials 2
  • ProjectSAM Swing!
  • Orange Tree Samples: Modern Nylon (realistic acoustic guitar), Iconic Bass Jaco
  • Impact Soundworks: The Juggernaut, Rhapsody Orchestral Colors and Orchestral Percussion, and Groove Bias (drums)
  • 8dio Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Bazantar (double bass)
  • Various other libraries

Virtual Synths

  • NI: Massive, FM8, and Reaktor 6
  • Sylenth1
  • TAL BassLine 101
  • Synapse Dune 2
  • Xfer Serum
  • Logic’s synths (Retrosynth, Alchemy, etc)


  • Apple MacBook pro with 3GHz i7 CPU, 16GB of ram, and 1TB SSD drive. I use Logic Pro X, and a selection plugins by Waves, FabFilter, Softube, Cytomic, Valhalla, Sonimus, and more. I also have Celemony Melodyne 4, providing the very best in pitch correction.
  • I make regular backups on to external hard drives, both on and off-site. So you can rest assured that your projects will be safe.