Recording and production

Recording and production

I can record and / or produce your project for you. I also have a Soundcloud page with more work.

Here is a recent sample of some tracks I produced for Josephine Belle:

Here is a demo reel of various projects that I have recorded and produced in the past:

You can find more stuff on my Soundcloud. If you’d like me to record or produce your music, you can contact me here.

Extra instruments and parts

I play drums and bass guitar to a very high standard. I am also experienced with sound design: arranging synth / keyboard parts, drum programming, and using the very best virtual instruments and samples to bring a song to life in a natural and emotive way. So if you need a really strong rhythm section, or even a whole track created from scratch, I can make it happen.

Time and pitch correction

I am very skilled at carefully editing and correcting the timing of recorded music, for a more coherent arrangement.

For vocals, I use Melodyne 4 to correct the pitch of vocals in a very natural sounding way. But I also know when to leave the vocals alone!