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EQ causality, plus warm distortion

Your EQ plugin can predict the future. Plus the warmest distortion ever

In this post, I demonstrate how EQ can predict the future, and how we can use this to approximate transformer distortion, with examples. We won’t be breaking any laws of causality, but we will see how audio signal processing is unintuitive. Also, I won’t make you do any actual maths. Continue reading

Logic Pro X monitor reverb, the easy way

Setting up monitoring reverb in Logic Pro X the easy way

Imagine you want to record a singer. You want him or her to hear reverb in their headphones, but you don’t want to actually record this reverb, and you also want to use zero-latency hardware monitoring, so that the singer can hear themselves in their headphones without any latency whatsoever. In this post, I explain how to set this up, but without using the pre-fader send technique. Continue reading